Book Review: "Breadsong" Just The Book You Need To Transition Into Autumn

Orange Cosmos flowers happliy surrounding the book Breadsong, Cover is a warm orange with photo of Kitty and Al Tait holding bread
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Suffice it to say I’m madly love with “Breadsong and all it offers up to the reader. It’s well beyond just a nice story or a cookbook, it’s filled with heart. A genuinely  encouraging story that highlights the power in community.

If you don’t know anything about it, it’s the story of Kitty Tait and her dad Al and quite literally how the act of bread making of all things changed their lives. I was intrigued when I came across it as I searched for an approachable book on breadmaking but I never anticipated how powerful their story would be or the number of tears I would shed while reading it. Now granted, since having my kids (particularly since having my son) I cry pretty much anytime my heart swells with love which is often. I don’t know why exactly but I shed tears of sheer joy and love with regularity these days. 

Anyway, it’s a book that I’m inclined to purchase for just about everyone I know now because it is chock full of hope for what’s possible when we can see beyond ourselves. 

How beautiful life can be when we have community within reach and how quickly things can grow and change for the better. At a time of so much bad news, greed and division, a story like this fills me with encouragement and looking a bit more positively towards what my own children will experience as they grow. It’s easy to be bogged down by the negative and assume the worst but the former opens up a whole field for powerful change. 

For the record I have yet to test any of the recipes and while I love to bake with my kids, bread feels like a whole different arena and one I’m admittedly not very familiar. Thankfully Kitty did the work (and from the sounds of it, it was quite the mountain to climb) to make her recipes incredibly approachable. Maybe I’ll do a follow up once I’ve tested some for myself, but in the meantime I cannot recommend you purchase this book for yourself enough. As we anticipate the arrival of Autumn it feels all the more timely. 

Have a good week,

Bec (and Juner)

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